7 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name that Boosts Your Brand

Your domain name can have more impact on your brand than you think. So, how do you choose the best domain name for your business?

how to choose a domain name

Why is choosing a domain name so important?

We get this question all the time. At Mojo Made, we spent DAYS trying to come up with the perfect domain name. In fact, the domain name was the most influential factor when we were choosing the name of our business. It’s definitely not perfect either.

When you’re looking for a domain name, make peace with the fact that it won’t be perfect. Chances are that the first 10 domain names you come up with will be taken, but don’t panic!

There’s so much more to choosing a domain name than you might initially think. After doing our research, we found that it leads back to one central characteristic; brandability. So if you prioritize anything in your domain name selection, it should be this.

How does brandability relate to choosing a domain name?

Believe it or not, this characteristic is essential to choosing a domain name. If you’re going to own and run a company, one of the first things you need is a domain name. Most of the time, your domain name is the first thing that people see. First impressions can make or break your business. With that in mind, here are some tips you should consider when choosing a domain name.

Tip #1: Your domain name should be memorable.

A good brand should leave a lasting impact, and your domain name should be a reflection of that. The impact it leaves is what makes it memorable. In most cases, your domain should match the name of your company.  

Tip #2: Your domain name should be short and simple.

A good domain name should be short, usually less than 13 characters. This makes it more pronounceable, shareable, and memorable. You don’t want someone to have to copy and paste your 50 character domain name into their URL bar on their phone. You want them to remember it and type it manually. People have short attention spans these days, so the shorter the name, the better.

Tip #3: Your domain name should be Intuitive.

If you’re targeting a specific industry or locality, your domain name should identify what your company does, where you’re located, or at least give some indication of who you are. A common pitfall you should try to avoid is adding hyphens, numbers, and funny spellings to your domain name. These don’t help people understand who you are!

Tip #4: You should consider your domain ending.

Whenever possible, stick with the .com domain ending, UNLESS part of your brand is to incorporate the alternate domain endings. If you’re opening up a coffee shop, or a craft coffee delivery service, the “.coffee” domain ending could be a perfect addition to your brand.

Tip #5: You should consider adding keywords.

Incorporating keywords (like industry, or location) that easily give users an idea of what you do can help give them quick recognition at a glance. This has been shown to improve traffic and result in higher placement in search engines. You should not prioritize this unless you are targeting a niche industry or locality.

Tip #6: You should make sure it’s not trademarked.

Make sure it’s not taken already! Check the USPTO website to see if you can legally use it.

Tip #7: You should consider adding modifiers.

If your ideal domain name is taken, don’t be afraid to add a small modifier on it. For example, mojomade.com is already taken by someone, so we just added “it” to the end of it.

Let us know if you need help choosing a domain name!

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